Mount Ijen Tour, Sharing Tour To Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Tour, Sharing Tour To Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Tour, Sharing Tour To Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Tour with sharing tour is a cheap tour trip in Banyuwangi which organized by Tour Banyuwangi. We have tour with the shared cost concept. You can join with other traveler from around of the world. It would be cheap cost for traveling and you will have new friends from all over the world.

Ijen Crater Tour trip start from Banyuwangi  city with a group of tourist, a car to drive you to hiking location and back, a tour guide and a driver included in the price. The best thing of all it’s a daily trip with no minimum participant. So the more the merrier. 

 Ijen Volcano Tour

Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour, Ijen volcano tour, hiking mount Ijen

Ijen Crater, Trip To Ijen

The Ijen Crater Tour hiking will start around 01:00-02:00 am, to make thing easy our team will pick you up at the hotel your staying or from the train station. Another option, you can go to Tour Banyuwangi basecamp, which located at KH Agus Salim Street No. 3A Banyuwangi, gathering with other tour participant, and our team will pick up you there. The trip will continue to the next point, where tour participant will get a safety hiking instruction and start hiking with a our guide to guide you during hiking to Ijen Crater.

Ijen Volcano Tour is a 3,2 km walk through a mountain, the journey will take around 1.5 to 2 hours from the base of the mountain to the peak of the mountain. To whomever willing to continue down to the mouth of the volcano, they will see the rear blue flame phenomena that only exist in two places in the world, one is in Ethiopia, and the other one is in Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.  

Ijen Volcano Sulfur Miners

Shared Tour to Ijen, mount Ijen tour, Sulphur miners Ijen

Mount Ijen, Kawah Ijen Tours

At sunrise you will see the magical green lake slowly appear on the horizon as the sun light start to come out and the fog fading away. You will see the village miners, mining the yellow sulphur from the mouth of the volcano manually by hand, they will carry it on their shoulder, it can way about 70 up to 100 kg. You can interact with the miners, and take a foto share experience with them.

Mount Ijen Tour trip usually continue down at 7:00 am, when possible the tour will deviate to Jagir water fall at the end of the trip before turning back to our base camp. Its a clear water river with a twin water fall. And then drop all our tour participant back to their pick up location.

Ijen Crater Tour Price

Shared Tour to Ijen Crater, Ijen volcano tour, hiking mount Ijen

Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour, Ijen Volcano

Ijen Crater Tour price is very cheap, it cost only IDR 300.000,-/pax on weekday. and IDR 350.000/pax on weekend/holiday.  You can order this trip any time you want, every day, with no minimum pax.

With a low cost in this Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour, has included facilities, such as transportation, guide, gas masker, drinking water, tickets.

Itenerery Mount Ijen Tour, Sharing Tour

  • 23.30: Meeting point at Tour Banyuwangi basecamp/ Meeting point in Banyuwangi City area
  • 00.15: Journey to Paltuding (picked up by Trooper / car)
  • 01:00: Arrived at Paltuding, briefing
  • 01.30: Hiking to Ijen Crater
  • 01.30: Ijen Trip (Ijen Crater, Blue Flame, Sunrise)
  • 06.30: Down towards Paltuding
  • 07.00: To Jagir Waterfall
  • 08.00: Jagir waterfall (optional, see participants condition with each other)
  • 08.30: Return to meeting point
  • 09.00: End tour

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